• Health and Safety Interventions
  • Mine Escape, Rescue and Training
  • Safety and Health Management and Training
  • Injury and Disease Exposure and Risk Factors
AFC518-10_Concept Summary

Improving Communication in Noise for Miners Wearing Hearing Protection

University of Connecticut Health Center (Grant Number AFC518-10)


Analysis of Coal Mine Seal Integrity from Explosively Driven Projectiles

Missouri University of Science & Technology (Grant number AFC719-31)


A Practical, Mechanics-Based Approach to Pillar Design

West Virginia University (Grant number AFC719-15)


Validation of the Gas and Dust Explosion Model

West Virginia University (Follow-Up Grant Number ASTI14FO-82)


Advanced Low Noise Fan Array System

Virginia Tech (Follow-Up Grant Number AFC215FO-71)


Numerical Analysis of Gas Explosions in Coal Mines

University of Maryland (Follow-Up Grant AFC215FO-73)

AFC518-48 Concept Summary

Flying Underground

Colorado School of Mines (Grant AFC518-48)


Collecting mine dust particles with liquid-coated vibrating meshes, Phase 2

Second Phase Technology Development Grants (AFC518SP)

Virginia Tech (Grant AFC518SP-89)

AFC518-23_Concept Summary

Intrinsically Safe Underground Aerial Reconnaissance Platform Development

United Mine Workers of America Career Centers, Inc. (Grant Number AFC518-23)


The Mining Healthy Workplace Program (MHWP)

University of Connecticut Health Center (Grant AFC113-09)


Coal Mining Risk of Arthritis, Including Auto-Immune Rheumatologic Disease

University of California, San Francisco (Grant Number: AFC618-04)

AFC618SP-88_Cal SF_Summary

Coal Mining Employment as a Risk Factor for Rheumatoid Arthritis

University of California, San Francisco (Second Phase Funding Grant AFC618SP-88)


Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hard Rock Underground Miners

University of California, San Francisco (Grant Number AFCTG20-98)