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The Alpha Foundation supports research at U.S.‐based academic institutions and not‐for‐profit organizations qualifying as exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Code.  Grantees are required to follow certain guidelines which are provided in this section.

Current Solicitations

There are no active solicitations at this time.


Future Solicitations

The Foundation is currently in the planning stages for a new solicitation to be released later in 2020.


A major aim of the Foundation is to support research projects that have practical implications on mine safety and health for workers, operators, and policymakers.  For this reason, a particular emphasis is placed on the early translation and rapid dissemination of project findings.  Grantees are required to provide reports during the project, using the required templates for Interim Reports and a Final Technical Report.

All reports as well as any publications or presentations for any Alpha Foundation-funded project must contain the following disclaimer:

Grantee shall ensure that Foundation is clearly identified as a “Project Funder” in all published material relating to the award; however, all such materials shall include a disclaimer as follows: “This study was sponsored by the Alpha Foundation for the Improvement of Mine Safety and Health, Inc. (ALPHA FOUNDATION). The views, opinions and recommendations expressed herein are solely those of the authors and do not imply any endorsement by the ALPHA FOUNDATION, its Directors and staff.