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A priority for the Foundation is to make the results of the research efforts broadly available so that the solutions derived from the studies can be implemented by the mining industry or used by other researchers and practitioners to further advance these research agendas.

The outputs from funded projects, including final project reports as well as related publications and presentations, are provided here.


Dust and Toxic Substance Control
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The Application of Flooded Bed Dust Scrubbers to Longwall Mining Systems

1st Solicitation for Single Investigator Research Grants (AFC113)

University of Kentucky (Grant AFC113-10)


Improved Face Ventilation for Extended-Cut Continuous Mining Using a Wing Regulator and Scrubber Control System

2nd Solicitation for Single Investigator Research Grants

University of Kentucky (Grant AFC215-15)


Removal of DPM, Silica, and Coal Dust Using High Volume Fog Generation 

3rd Solicitation for Research Grants (AFC316)

Clemson University (Grant AFC316-42)


Collecting Mine Dust Particles with Liquid-Coated Vibrating Meshes

Solicitation and Call for Proposals for Technology Development Grants (AFC518)

Virginia Tech (Grant AFC518-25)


Collecting mine dust particles with liquid-coated vibrating meshes, Phase 2

Solicitation and Call for Proposals for Technology Development Grants – Follow up Research

Virginia Tech (Grant AFC518SP-89)

AFC113-10_Kentucky_ExternalPub_NAMVS 2015

CFD modeling of a flooded-bed scrubber concept for a longwall shearer operating in a U.S. coal seam

15th North American Mine Ventilation Symposium, Blacksburg, VA. June 20-25, 2015

Wedding, C.W., Novak T., Arya S., and Kumar, A.


Experimental Test Results of A Shearer-Mounted Flooded-Bed Dust Scrubber

Presented at Central Appalachian Section SME West Virginia Coal Mining Institute 2017 Joint Spring Meeting

University of Kentucky, Joe Sottile


Experimental Results of a Flooded‐bed Dust Scrubber Integrated Within a Full Scale Longwall Shearer

Presented at SME Annual Conference and Expo, Denver Colorado, February, 2107

University of Kentucky, Sampurna Arya