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A priority for the Foundation is to make the results of the research efforts broadly available so that the solutions derived from the studies can be implemented by the mining industry or used by other researchers and practitioners to further advance these research agendas.

The outputs from funded projects, including final project reports as well as related publications and presentations, are provided here.


Safety and Health Management
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  • Presentations

Implementation of Risk Management Programs: Identification of Best Practices to Reduce Injuries and Maximize Economic Benefits

1st Solicitation for Single Investigator Research Grants

University of Arizona, Final Technical Report, (AFC113-7)


Improved Safety through Application of Risk Management in U.S. Underground Coal Mines: A RISKGATE Approach

1st Solicitation for Single Investigator Research Grants (AFC113)

Virginia Tech (Grant AFC113-13)


The Mining Healthy Workplace Program (MHWP)

1st Solicitation for Single Investigator Research Grants

University of Connecticut Health Center, Final Technical Report (AFC113-09)


Characterization and Effectiveness of Safety and Health Management Systems in the U.S. Mining Industry 

2nd Solicitation for Single Investigator Research Grants

University of Utah (Grant AFC215-30)


The Impact of Contractor Utilization on Health and Safety in Underground Kentucky Coal Mines

Short-Term Innovative and Exploratory Research Grant ASTI14-1 Boston University School of Public Health, Final Technical Report

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80 Hour Underground Miner Pre-Employment Training Program Presentation

Prepared under Grant AFC113-9, The Mining Healthy Workplace Program (MHWP)

University of Connecticut