Research Meeting

Introduction of Foundation: Michael Karmis, Foundation President

Keynote Presentations: Chairs – Keith Heasley and David Wegman, Foundation Vice Presidents
A. Joseph A. Main, Assistant Secretary, MSHA, US-DOL
B. Jeffrey Kohler, Research Director, NIOSH, US-DHHS
C. Bruce Watzman, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, NMA
D. Dennis O’Dell, Safety and Health Director, UMWA
E. C.A. Phillips, Director, WV-OMHS&T (presented by R. Harris)

Panel 1: Disaster Prevention and Response: Chair – Michael Karmis, Foundation President
A. Emergency Response – Jeff Kravitz, MSHA
B. Communications, Tracking and Data Integration – Joe Waynert, NIOSH
C. Atmospheric Monitoring – Kray Luxbacher, Virginia Tech

Panel 2: Acute and Chronic Diseases: Chair – David Wegman, Foundation Vice President
A. Dust and Health Surveillance – Eileen Storey, NIOSH
B. Noise – Martin Cherniack, University of Connecticut
C. Other Adverse Effects Cecile Rose, National Jewish Hospital

Panel 3: The Human Interface: Chair – David Wegman, Foundation Vice President
A. Musculoskeletal Diseases and Ergonomics in the Mining Industry – Martin Cherniack, University of Connecticut
B. Safety: Training and Culture – David DeJoy, University of Georgia
C. Risk Management – Thomas Hethmon, University of Utah

Panel 4: Design and Technology for Prevention: Chair – Keith Heasley, Foundation Vice President
A. Ventilation and Dust Control – Jay Colinet, NIOSH
B. Ground Control – Chris Mark, MSHA
C. Safety of Automated and Mechanized Equipment – Lisa Steiner, NIOSH